Our Services & Service Areas
NOAR Landscape Design, LLC is a recently founded landscape design company, with creative studios located in Glens Falls, NY, and Norfolk, VA.
Our landscape designers assist homeowners and contractors reach their landscape design and construction goals through excellent design strategies and exceptional customer service. 
From simple DIY home projects to complex site design, NOAR provides 2D and 3D graphics that help visualize and implement landscape projects of all sizes. Our team is also capable of assisting with local and state government permitting, if needed.
We don't provide construction services, but can recommend a contractor to complete your project.
Our New York office services in-person projects in the following counties: Albany, Essex, Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Schenectady, and Washington. 
Our Virginia office services in-person projects in the Hampton Roads area, or the following counties: James, York, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Gloucester, Matthews, Camden, Currituck, and Gates.
Note: If you're not in our service area, we do offer remote landscape design services, send us a message and we can certainly accommodate.
Note: With public safety standards changing, due to COVID-19, we are capable and willing to assist you via online consultations. Send us a message and we can describe that process. 
Our Design Philosophy
NOAR is dedicated to designing beautiful, sustainable landscapes in the Capital Region of New York and Hampton Roads in VA . Our team's focus is to supplement your ideas, needs, and desires to produce budget-friendly & high-quality landscape plans.
Our Design Process
NOAR's design process infuses your feedback every step of the way. This collaborative approach helps our team generate as many creative options as possible, while we work towards a completed Landscape Plan Set.
Typically, our design process will take approximately 2-8 weeks to complete. However, the process may vary, based on project scope, timeline, and location.
Note:  If your project requires permitting, this process may take an additional time, depending on your local government's site plan review process.
Designer will visit site with you (and contractor if applicable) to discuss:
• Project Overall Vision (Style, Future Use, New Features, Plant Material)
• Problem Areas & Desired Maintenance Level
• Design and Construction Timeline
Designer will then send a design proposal, outlining scope of work, deliverables, project timeline, and cost of services. At this time, we will require a design deposit, and if you have one, your property's official site survey.
Designer will visit site to: 
• Sketch Project Area
• Take Site Measurements
• Inventory Existing Features
• Take Site Photos 
Using site visit information, designer will create concepts with your preferred landscape styles.

Example: Lakefront Concept Timelapse

Example: Lakefront Concept

After completing concepts and inspiration boards, Designer will send you digital versions of each to review and provide feedback. 
Using your feedback, Designer will combine the concepts into one (1) detailed Illustrative Site Plan. This plan will call out proposed site features, plant material, and rough dimensions. Material & Plant Inspiration Boards will be included to better visualize the project.

Example: Illustrative Site Plan (excluding Annotations)

After synthesizing your concepts, Designer will send you a digital copy of the Illustrative Site Plan, and any supporting documents, to review and provide feedback.
After receiving your feedback, Designer will revise and refine your project design. This phase will include final dimensions, annotations, and supporting documents to completely visualize the project.
After receiving your final feedback, Designer will make any necessary adjustments and finalize your Landscape Plan Set. After finalizing, designer will assist in finding a local contractor and, if needed, help facilitate construction.
Designer will then move into the bidding and construction phase. If you don't have a contractor, we will help facilitate the process of finding one in your area.
Note: We don't provide any construction services.
Our Landscape Plan Sets
Much like a photographer offers various packages, NOAR offers a couple different types of Landscape Plan Sets. This allows you to know exactly what is included in your Landscape Plan Set.
To check out our Landscape Plan Sets, click 'See Landscape Plan Sets' below.
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