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NOAR Landscape Design, LLC is a growing landscape design company, with a creative design studio located in Virginia Beach, VA
From simple DIY home projects to "think outside the box" landscape design, NOAR provides 2D and 3D graphics that help visualize and implement residential landscape projects of all sizes. We assist homeowners and contractors reach their landscape design and construction goals through excellent design strategies and exceptional customer service.
Important: We don't provide construction services, but may be able to recommend a contractor to complete your project.
Our Virginia office services in-person projects in the Hampton Roads area, or the following counties: James, York, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Gloucester, Matthews, Camden, Currituck, and Gates.
Note: If you're not in our service area, we offer remote landscape design services, send us an email to learn more! 
Our Design Philosophy
At NOAR, our vision is to revolutionize the concept of landscape design by seamlessly blending nature and human habitats in a way that fosters harmony, sustainability, and well-being. We strive to be at the forefront of innovative landscape solutions, creating spaces that not only captivate the senses but also promote ecological balance, community engagement, and long-term environmental stewardship.
Through our commitment to nativity, we envision landscapes that embrace and celebrate the unique characteristics of the local ecosystem. Our designs will showcase the inherent beauty of indigenous plant species, enhancing biodiversity and creating thriving habitats for wildlife. By integrating sustainable practices, such as water-wise irrigation systems, native planting design, and responsible material selection, we aim to minimize environmental impact and contribute to a more resilient planet.
At the heart of our vision lies a deep understanding of the interdependence between people and the environment. We aspire to create landscapes that inspire and nurture individuals, promoting their physical and mental well-being. By incorporating thoughtful elements, such as natural play areas, meditation spaces, and edible gardens, we aim to cultivate a sense of connection to the natural world, providing respite from the fast-paced urban lifestyle.
Our vision extends beyond individual projects; we seek to foster a broader cultural shift towards sustainable living and ecological consciousness. Through education, collaboration, and advocacy, we aim to empower homeowners to embrace and maintain sustainable landscapes, leading to a collective impact that reverberates through generations.
In pursuit of our vision, we will continuously push boundaries, challenge conventions, and harness the latest advancements in technology and design. We aspire to be a trusted partner for our clients, delivering transformative landscapes that embody innovation, sustainability, and timeless beauty.
Join us on this journey towards a greener future, where landscapes become not just picturesque settings, but catalysts for ecological balance, human well-being, and sustainable living.
Our Design Process
Our design process includes your feedback every step of the way. This collaborative approach helps our team generate as many creative options as possible, while we work towards a completed Landscape Plan.
Typically, our design process will take approximately 1-2 weeks to complete. However, the process may vary, based on project scope, timeline, and location.
Note:  If your project requires permitting, this process may take an additional time, depending on your local government's permitting process.
Designer will visit site with you (and contractor if applicable) to discuss:
• Project Overall Vision (Style, Future Use, New Features, Plant Material)
• Problem Areas & Desired Maintenance Level
• Design and Construction Timeline
Designer will then send a design estimate, outlining scope of work, deliverables, and cost of services. To begin the design process, we will require a 50% design deposit, and if you have one, your property's official site survey or plot plan (sometimes in homebuyer's package).
Designer will visit site to: 
• Sketch Project Area
• Take Site Measurements
• Inventory Existing Features
• Take Site Photos 
Using site visit information and your preferred landscape style, designer will create a conceptual landscape plan. At this time, if you have any inspiration photos, pinterest boards, etc, send them over and we'll incorporate any ideas you may have!

Example: Lakefront Concept Timelapse

Example: Lakefront Concept

After completing concepts, Designer will digitally send you the  conceptual landscape plan to review, mark-up, and provide feedback.
This plan will call out proposed site features, general plant selection and dimensions. 
Using your feedback, Designer will use feedback and implement into a detailed Landscape Plan. ​​​​​​​

Example: Landscape Plan (Color) (excluding dimensions)

Designer will send you a digital copy of the Landscape Plan and any supporting documents to review and provide feedback.
This plan will call out proposed site features, specific plant selection and dimensions. 
After receiving your feedback, Designer will revise and refine accordingly.
After receiving your thumbs up, Designer will make any necessary adjustments and finalize your Landscape Plan. 
This plan will call out proposed site features, specific plant selection and dimensions. ​​​​​​​
Your project will then move into the bidding and construction phase. If you don't have a contractor, we may help facilitate the process of finding one in your area if you need assistance.
Note: We don't provide any construction services.
Our Landscape Plan Options
Much like a photographer offers various packages, NOAR offers a couple different types of Landscape Plan Options. These options outline what is included.
To check out our Landscape Plan Sets, click 'See Landscape Plan Options' below.
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